H beam Integrated Machine Production Line
Power: 380V
After-sales Service: 1 year
Port: Shanghai
OEM: Yes
Payment: L/C,T/T
Weight: 12 T
Welder: submerged
Brand: Lemar

H beam welding and straightening machine combines assembly machine, submerged arc welding gantry welder and flange straightening machine together, which effectively improves production efficiency, saves production input and reduces work risks in production.


H beam production line

Flange width

200-800 mm

Flange thickness

6-20 mm

Web height

200-1500 mm

Web thickness

6-30 mm

The equipment is composed of main machine (automatic centering device), welding device, correcting auxiliary machine, conveying roller table, flux recovery system, hydraulic system, electric control system, welding power supply and so on.

The main machine is composed of gantry pressing structure, web, flange automatic centering device, main roller drive structure and so on.

1. Welding position: transverse Angle seam

2. Welding mode: automatic welding with double-sided submerged arc

3. Welding power supply: single wire submerged arc welding, bilateral 1000A

4. Speed regulation mode: AC frequency conversion

5. Program control: PLC

6. Welding gun Angle: 45 degrees can be adjusted

7. Solder recovery device

8. This equipment is H/T section steel automatic production line, can continuously complete T, H section steel production process automatic alignment, centering, welding, correction, discharging and other processes, the line covers an area of small, labor saving, high production efficiency, manufactured products with good internal quality.

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