Automatic Pipe Flange Welding machine
Shipment: 15 days
Material: Stainless steel
Application: Circular seam welding
Control mode: PLC
Port: Shanghai
Payment: L/C T/T
Brand: Lemar

Automatic Pipe Flange Welding machinealso named Automatic welding machine of round pipes flanges elbows.

This automatic weldingmachine has a wide range of applications and can complete: 

  • Pipe-head
  • Pipe-flange
  • Pipe-pipe
  • Auto parts and motorcycle parts
  • Hardware appliances
  • Pressure vessels
  • Cylinders
  • Rollers 
  • other round work-pieces.

Optional supporting equipment:

  • Rotary positioner
  • Universal roller frame
  • Wire feeding system
  • Welding gun device
  • Welding power source (TIG MIG MAG SAW)
  • PLC whole machine control

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