Column And Boom Automatic Welding Manipulator
2000*2000 welding manipulator to Malaysia
3000.00 ~ 5000.00
Model: LH2020
Vertical stroke: 2m
Horizontal stroke: 2m
Elevation speed : 0.3m/min
Traverse speed: 0.12-1.2m/min
Brand: Lemar
Warranty: 1 year
Delivery: By sea
Case detail

The welding manipulator is mainly composed of a column, a cross arm, a lifting mechanism, a slewing mechanism, and a control welding manipulator is always named column and boom welding manipulator.

The top of the column is a cross arm lifting mechanism. The motor drives the worm gear reducer and the sprocket chain. One end of the chain is connected to the cross arm guide device, and the other end is fixed on the balance iron in the column to keep the cross arm in balance.

The horizontal movement of the cross arm is realized by the AC motor through the WB double-stage cycloid reducer driving the rack and pinion, and its movement speed can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range according to the welding needs.

In order to facilitate the operation, a remote control box is connected from the control box. The operation box is equipped with a cross arm speed regulator potentiometer, a cross arm lift switch, and a cross arm telescopic switch.

The fixed base is fixed on the ground by anchor bolts.

The whole set of equipment is controlled by PLC, equipped with a handheld remote control and foot pedal.

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