Treatment of common arc-broken faults of gantry CNC plasma cutting machine
Case detail

The gantry CNC plasma cutting machine suddenly broke the arc when it was running well. What kind of situation is this? Let's give you a specific analysis;

Generally there are the following four situations

1. The air pressure is insufficient or the air flow is too small:

When plasma cutting, the flow rate of the air compressor should be ensured. Some customers tend to ignore this detail; at this time, it is necessary to adjust the air pressure and replace the large air pipe or air compressor;

2. The perforation time is too long:

The set piercing time is too long is also a possibility of this kind of failure, adjust (reduce) the piercing time accordingly

3. The height of the cutting nozzle from the steel plate is too large:

A major factor in the arc starting of the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine is the height of the cutting nozzle from the plate. In a few cases, the arc may have started, but it was actually too reluctant, which caused the sudden arc breaking during the re-cutting process;

4. The arc voltage height controller fails:

The function of the arc voltage height adjuster is to adjust the height of the plate and the cutting nozzle to maintain a stable equilibrium value; the gantry CNC plasma cutting machine has no problem when cutting flat plates, but the arc pressure automatically has problems for uneven plates. It's easy to go wrong.

At this time, you can first check to use a multimeter to measure the arc voltage at DC500V (usually DC60-200V).

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