Lemar's welding and cutting machines are used in marine engineering
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We provide complete solutions for demand consultation, planning and design, product design, installation training, and operation management for offshore wind power, onshore wind power, offshore shipbuilding, cryogenic pressure vessels, and bridge pile pipe automatic and efficient welding production lines. And standard welding equipment-welding manipulator, welding roller frame, welding positioner, robot workstation, H-beam production line, etc.

Lemar Machinery-the leader of high-efficiency automatic welding equipment and production lines

Company purpose: technological innovation, pursuit of excellence, integrity management

Company philosophy: We are committed to your success

Technical services: demand consultation, planning and design, manufacturing services

Welding method: SAW

Workpiece material: carbon steel

Workpiece diameter: ≤¢4500mm

Workpiece length: ≤12000mm

Workpiece thickness: ≤60mm

Welding seam form: butt joint longitudinal seam, circular seam

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